Divine Liberation!

Divine Liberation!

Divine Liberation - Hafsa Khizer

A Muslim woman sits on the floor, confident, pointing up excitedly and in disbelief as the papers she is passionately typing fly up and out of her typewriter, over the fence (her barrier) and transform into birds taking flight in the sky.

She sits on a hard cold ground, made of concrete, a rough position devoid of grass and life, yet she uses it as her base, her foundation.  Sitting in front of a fence that represents a barrier to the outside world, from chances she never had, opportunities that were taken away, people who will never see her talent, the lack of money, resources and any advantages a person may have when they have a vision.

Regardless, sitting in whatever place she has available with whatever resources she has, she still has a fire growing in her heart to do something wonderful for the world and something useful with her life. Ultimately, to leave a legacy. Out in the open, she uses an old typewriter, pouring her passion into it.  Writing her heart onto paper. To her excited disbelief, she watches as her passion rises above the fence and takes flight as birds flutter in the sky where everyone can see. Divine liberation! Notice the pages flying out of her typewriter. There are many of them, not to mention the stack underneath the machine. They represent her hard work and time spent on her passion even if they do not make it over the fence for others to witness. There are six birds in the sky in the light of the sun, and yet hundreds of pages remain unseen underneath the typewriter behind the fence.

She asks, What do you see?

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