Boston Bombing Hearing: Live updates

Boston Bombing Hearing: Live updates

Amina Chaudary, The Islamic Monthly’s Editor in Chief, is reporting live from the Moakley Courthouse in Boston, where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will face charges that he used weapons of mass destruction to kill three people and wound more than 260 others at the Boston Marathon.

TIM will provide full analysis and coverage throughout the day so stay with us.

sketch artist Jane Rosenberg sits with the official court sketches of Tsarnaev in the courtroom.  Continue reading below for our sketch of how he appeared in court.


4:05 PM: Press waits outside courthouse for attorney statements.

3:55 PM: Our editors briefly spoke with Tsarnaev’s sisters who were solemn and reticent.

3:48 PM: In the courthouse hallway, Tsarnaev’s two sisters were escorted by a large security contingent. One sister carried a baby, and another was seen crying during the hearing. Both were dressed in long skirts and fashionable headscarves.

3:38 PM: Tsarnaev is now being escorted out of the courtroom.

3:37 PM: 80-100 witnesses and a 3-4 month trial are expected.

3:35 PM: Tsarnaev pleads not guilty. His voice has a slight accent and is firm and unshaken. His voice and body language appear detached and almost automated.

3:35 PM: Families of victims look visibly disturbed at his presence, some members of the public are in tears.

3:32 PM: 30 counts and minimum punishments being read as Tsarnaev looks around the room unfocused.

3:30 PM: Tsarnaev arrives as courtroom rises. Tsarnaev looks frail and glances around furtively. Left side of his face appears slightly distorted.

3:24 PM: Tsarnaev is expected to sit in a matter of moments. The appearance is expected to last only around 15 minutes.

3:18 PM: The courtroom is silent and pensive with only marshals, security officers, and attorneys walking around. No cameras are allowed inside, but a large contingent of the press is set up in the corner.

3:08 PM: Attorneys have entered the courtroom.

3:07 PM: Tsarnaev is expected to appear before judge in about 30 minutes.

3:05 PM: Victims families are now being escorted in, a group of about 45 people. About 60 observers from the general public are waiting to enter the courtroom.

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