Boston Marathon Bombings – TIM Coverage

Boston Marathon Bombings – TIM Coverage

On Marathon Monday, April 9th, 2013, Boston was struck with the sudden and tragic news of bombings near the finish line. Images and reports of confusion and casualties surfaced on the web within the next few hours. As a Boston based media institution, TIM responded within hours. Our up to the minute articles, analysis and exclusive coverage of events after the bombings brought in thousands of hits to the site, which in turn led to TIM being featured in numerous mainstream media networks: on television, on radio and online.

Below is a comprehensive collection of stories from our major coverage of the Boston bombings.



boston marathon

Come on Muslims: Spare Me the Script

Editor-in-Chief, Amina Chaudary, cautions the Muslim community to “spare the script” while others are grieving.




bostonA Muslim’s Prayer for the Boston Marathon

Senior Editor, Arsalan Iftikhar, writes a powerful dedication to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. 




boston catch 22

Boston Marathon Catch-22: Reactions, Apologia, and Narrating the Blame

Senior Online Editor, Sana Saeed, navigates the unfolding aftermath of the bombing.




I Fear “The” Saudi Man

From the Editor’s Desk, Amina Chaudary airs her concerns for the Saudi man rumored to be the original suspect in the bombings.



transterrorCoping with Transnational Terror: A Turkish View

A TIM exclusive, this op-ed piece examines the Boston bombing from a Turkish point of view.





Living with the Chechens

TIM gets a look at what it’s like living in Chechnya as a member of the American-Muslim community.





Boston and Chechnya – Worlds Apart

A comparative look at how two very different places became linked together on an April afternoon.





The Boston Bombings: 18 Perspectives

Eighteen individuals from all over the world share their thoughts and opinions on the tragedy.





Dance with the Devil

After many report that the bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was relatively normal, columnist, Zaid Hassan, examines the reality of monsters in our society.





Live Reporting


reporting live

Live Updates from Watertown

Editor-in-Chief, Amina Chaudary, reports live from Watertown as police search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.




Boston Bombing Hearing: Live Updates

Editor-in-Chief, Amina Chaudary, is in the courtroom during the first round of legal proceedings against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.






Debate & Discussion



Are Muslims fueling “guilty until proven innocent”?

Our American Muslim Pulse section poses a question to generate discussion. Readers can leave their comments and respond to the corresponding poll.








Helene Newberg’s Marathon Journey

Motivated by her 16-year-old Muslim neighbor, a marathon runner is determined to give back to her community.





Boston Marathon Saudi“Suspect” Speaks Out 

The original suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing speaks to us in this TIM exclusive.




Reni & Ibrahim

Ibrahim Todashev, Reni and the FBI

A rare, first-hand story about Ibrahim’s wife, Reni, as she fell in love and now copes with the aftermath of his mysterious death.





Additional Coverage


SalonContributing Editor, Wajahat Ali, writes for Salon on the initial reactions regarding who could be responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.

CNNSenior Editor, Arsalan Iftikhar, appeared on CNN to give addition coverage on Contributing Editor, Wajahat Ali’s piece, “Please Don’t Let It Be A Muslim.”

The Washington Post: Senior Editor, Arsalan Iftikhar, gives additional commentary for a Washington Post article.

Global PostEditor in Chief, Amina Chaudary, gives additional commentary for Global Post on her article written for The Islamic Monthly.

CNNEditor in Chief, Amina Chaudary, speaks with CNN about her interview with Abdul Rahman Alharbi, the original Boston Bombing suspect.

The Huffington PostEditor in Chief, Amina Chaudary, contributes to The Huffington Post in relation to the first suspect in the Boston Bombing attack.

HuffPost LiveSenior Online Editor, Sana Saeed, joins several other notable contributors for session on HuffPost Live.


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