Facebook Rant

Facebook Rant

american_muslim_by_mangagirl3535Dalia Mogahed posted on her facebook page:  The worst thing about those who claim the Muslim American community is dangerous is they force us to answer the wrong question: are Muslims a benign or malignant growth? It sets up the wrong paradigm, with the wrong assumptions. It’s a model where America discovers a lump in its body and prays to God the biopsy comes back benign. The self promoting false doctors tell America the tumor is malignant and must be either extracted or radiated but at minimum be put “under observation.” This leaves the rest of us to say no, the tumor is really benign. “Islam means peace. We condemn terrorism.” Every act of violence carried out by a Muslim will bring this question back no matter what we say or how loud we denounce extremists. But its the wrong question. Answering it, no matter what the response, makes us 2nd class citizens. I’m not a benign tumor. And thats not the future I want for my kids and that’s not the America I’m going to settle for. America is bigger than that. The America I believe in sees every member of its mosaic as a VITAL ORGAN–not a benign foreign growth. That’s the America I want for my kids. We are so busy telling the world who we’re not that we never get the chance to SHOW them who we ARE. America is a STRONGER, SAFER and more PROSPEROUS place because Muslims call it home. This isn’t empty rhetoric. These are proven facts. But until we think of ourselves as vital organs not benign tumors then the false doctors will win the argument every time. Isn’t it just safer to remove a tumor just in case? But a vital organ– that’s part of us

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