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Imagine an American Mosque in 50 years.

The year is 2064.  Technology, Architecture, Politics, Social Life, the place of American-Muslims in society, the woman’s prayer space movement, the unmosqued phenomenon.  These are all aspects that may contribute to changes of the American mosque of the future.

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256px-Maurice_koechlin_pyloneYou are describing in detail what a mosque in America will be 50 years from now.  We are looking for thoughtful, creative, imaginative essays that provide unique perspectives, angles and innovative thoughts about the future, public spaces and religious rituals in an American context.

1. Title your piece.  (for example: the Wired Mosque)

2. Use: In what ways will the mosque in America change?  What will be its primary function?  Will it continue as a prayer space or serve a different need? Will there even be mosques?  Will there be a shift in the community versus prayer function of the mosque? Limit 1500 words.

3. Architecture:  List specific attributes that will make the outward and inward appearance of the mosque different in terms of style, design, layout, and other architectural features. Think creative!  Limit 1500 words.  Drawings and sketches welcomed but not required.

4. Features:  What are main features inside the mosque?  In what ways will changes to the world in information, technology, and all else be incorporated in to the mosque 50 years from now? Be as specific and detailed as possible! Limit 1500 words. Drawings and sketches welcomed but not required.


Deadline to submit:  April 11, 2014

Submissions should be sent by email to: timovation@theislamicmonthly.com



      – Submit as a PDF file.

      – Include your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

      – Please include a short bio of yourself.

      – Contest open to all readers worldwide, but must be written about the American mosque in particular.  Only one submission per reader. Any changes or edits made to submitted documents will not be read, so please edit carefully before emailing.

      Judges vote April 22nd, 2014

Winning entry will be announced and featured in the Spring Print issue of TIM.

Winner is awarded $500!







Imran Sayeed

CTO for NTT Data
MIT Professor







Nadeem Mazen

Cambridge City Council
Co-founder of Danger Awesome








Maryam Eskandari

Founder, CEO and Architect
MIIM Designs




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